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How to Know God

How Can You Have a Relationship with God

Have you tried everything and still feel empty, have you ever wondered how you can really know God and have a relationship with Him? Are you going to heaven, are you sure where you'll spend eternity and how do you know?

Why the Need for Salvation?

Everyone has sinned, everyone at one point or another has done something or thought something they're not proud of, something that they would not like anyone else to know about in most cases let alone God. That is what Salvation is all about.
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Why is Jesus So Important?

The saving work of Christ at the Cross of Calvary is the central pillar of God's redemptive plan. God first showed us the need for salvation, and then He showed us the way to salvation through His son Jesus Christ.
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What's God's Plan of Redemption?

Salvation is the actions taken by God on our behalf to deliver humankind from the power of sin and death. In order to restore our fellowship with Him, a fellowship that was broken by our sinful nature.
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How Can I Be Saved?

Jesus died on the cross for you and you can receive forgiveness for your sins by asking Jesus into your life. God has provided His grace to everyone and all we need to do is ask Him for it through His Son.
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