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Ghosts and the Paranomral

A Biblical Study on Ghosts and the Paranomral

This Bible Study discusses the growing trend revolving around ghosts and the paranormal. We look at the subjects of ghosts and the paranormal research contrasting the secular and Biblical views to give readers a better Biblical understanding of the phenomenon.



Growing Interest in Ghosts and the Paranormal

Popularity in the Paranormal is On the Rise

In today's world interest in the paranormal is on the rise and growing more popular by the day. As interest in ghosts, spirits and the paranormal increases we see a corresponding increase in books, movies, events and TV shows revolving around ghost hunting and the paranormal.

Today paranormal research is trying to breach the realm of legitimate science and shows on how to be a real life ghost hunter are becoming more and more common place. We see community college courses on the paranormal, mysticism and ghosts hunting along with seminars and events e.g. psychic fairs and paranormal weekends.

Recent research has shown a significant increase in the number of people who believe in the paranormal for example:

  • 65% of Americans believe in the after life.
  • 32% of Americans believe in the paranormal.
  • 38% of Americans believe ghosts are people who have died.
  • 28% of Americans believe we can talk to the dead.
  • 78% of American youths have participated in psychic activities or witchcraft.
  • 33% of American youths have played with Ouija boards.
  • 25% of American youths have played occult games.
In addition seven million youths in America claim to have contacted the dead and two million American youths claim to have psychic powers and the numbers are higher for American adults. A summary of 100 colleges showed that:

  • 34% of Psychologists believe in ESP.
  • 55% of Natural Scientists believe in ESP.
  • 66% of Social Scientists believe in ESP.
  • 77 % of Humanities Professors believe in ESP.

Man's Natural Curiosity About Life After Death

Man's fascination with what comes after death has existed through out all generations and so as society's deep held belief that another realm of reality exists beyond our own. There is a natural part of our being that knows something else exists, some sort of reality beyond this life waiting for us and its part of our human nature to want to know what that reality is before we get there, to know more about this unseen world that surrounds the everyday lives we lead.

Even though the Bible confirms life after death for us and very accurately tells us what waits for us, many seek alternatives to the truths of the Bible. And as the paranormal grows in popularity we see a corresponding increase in new age thinking, mysticism and spiritualism growing out of perceptions and beliefs about the after life, beliefs that have been shaped and made popular through contact with spirits and research into paranormal activity.

What is the Message of Paranormal Research and the Occult

However despite the source of the paranormal contact i.e. ghosts, spirits, aliens or spirit guides interestingly enough the messages are always the same and always follows the same path that leads us away from the Bible, away from Jesus and away from the Salvation He alone provides. The messages given to us through paranormal contact often include:

  • Downplaying the divinity of Christ, saying that Jesus is a great teacher; but not our Savior and Jesus is not the son of God; but rather is a created being.
  • Tells us not to believe in the Bible, often claiming it's outdated, archaic and symbolic at best and not meant to be followed literally.
  • Reassures us there is no hell, no punishment for sin and all roads lead to heaven, therefore the afterlife is safe, pleasant and nothing to be feared.
  • Implies the afterlife is just another plane of existence that parallels our own. Often times claiming this plane vibrates are a higher or faster frequency and that's why most people can't see or perceive it.
  • Reassures us people have a choice when they die, they can hang around if they have unfinished business, can freely move between the afterlife and our realm if they choose, can stay on earth to watch over or guard their loved ones.
  • Tells us that ghosts are people who have died, thereby convincing us ghosts are people like you and I and that we have nothing to fear by contacting the dead.
  • Convinces us that we all have the power and ability to become like God or that we all have the essence of God and therefore we are all little gods. This includes the belief that when we die we all become a god of our own planet.

It's Always the Same Message

Also interestingly enough regardless of the source of paranormal contact i.e. spirits, ghosts, aliens or spirit guides they all tend to give the same advice or recommend we follow the same steps which include:
  • Requiring that people "free their thoughts" and "open their minds" to the spirit world, this in turn opens individuals up to possession.
  • Requiring that people alter their state of consciousness in order to "open of their minds", this can often include meditation, chanting or other repetitive activity meant to induce an altered state of consciousness.
  • Channeling in some form e.g. spirit talk, spirit writing, this can often include activities to enhance or awaken their abilities to become clairvoyant.
  • Require that people consult other spirits as guides, consult mediums or rely on some form of divination.

Section Summary

In addition these paranormal contacts often accept praise, worship or require some sort of appeasement for themselves from those who have contacted them, this can include performing activities for a spirit, supposedly of dead person who is not at rest or performing pagan rituals in order to clense the location of the spirit. They can often request continued contact or seek to get inside the bodies and minds of those who open themselves up to the paranormal and sought contact with other side. As we'll see in this study there are dangers in dealing the paranormal and things may not be what they appear to be and ultimately may lead to our own harm and turning us away from Christ and the truth of the Bible.