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Welcome to our Bible search page. Here you can search the Bible either for specific words or for a specific phrase. Our Bible search tool is unique in that when a search is performed it's performed against several different translations of the Bible. Including the American Standard Version, Basic English Translation, Darbys Translation, King James Version, Modern King James Version, New American Standard Version, New International Version, New Living Translation, Revised Standard Version, Websters Translation, Weymouth New Testament, World English Version and Youngs Translation. All of these translations are searched, but our results are displayed in the format of the Modern King James Version. When performing a word search, please enter each word separated by a space. Please do not enter common words, e.g. "do", "the" or "and." Example word search Jesus Messiah Christ. Example phrase search Son of Man.

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All results given in Biblical order and displayed using the Modern King James Version.

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