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Genesis 41:1 - Genesis 42:38

The book of Genesis introduces us to Abraham, who is called by Yahweh to leave his homeland, because God has chosen him and will give the land of Canaan to his offspring. Initially called Abram, God changed his name to Abraham, and he became the father of Isaac, who was the father of Jacob. And it's Jacob, whose name was changed by God to Israel. Abraham was married to a woman named Sarai, whose name God also changed to Sarah. And it was Jacob's twelve sons who became the twelve tribes that made up the nation of Israel. And it's the nation of Israel, which God took for Himself as a chosen people, a special inheritance for Himself out of the nations of the earth. God then called Israel to a special destiny, a destiny to be a blessing to the rest of the world and one that would lead to the coming of the Messiah who is Christ Jesus our Lord.

In the book of Genesis we see Abraham's family through Jacob grow into a family of about seventy people as they leave the land of Canaan and move into Egypt, into the land of Goshen. Jacob's son Joseph, after going through many trials as he is prepared by God to lead and save many people alive, has become the second in command of all of Egypt. The book of Genesis starts with creation, travels through the Garden of Eden, the fall of mankind, the separation of the people of the earth into nations at the Tower of Babel, to Abraham and his descendants. The book of Genesis ends with Joseph as Jacob's family settles in the land of Goshen, located in Northern Egypt, next to the Mediterranean Sea. There they will become a nation of people whom God, through the Exodus returns to their promised homeland in Canaan. It's in the book of Genesis that God introduces His plan of redemption for all of humanity, and we see glimpses of Jesus, as He makes appearances as the "Angel of the Lord," who is the promised Messiah to come.

The Lord makes known to Joseph the meaning of Pharaoh's dream. Joseph is made rule over Egypt second only to Pharaoh. Joseph has two sons Manasseh and Ephraim by Pharaohs daugter, his wife. Joseph's brothers come to Egypt to buy corn because of drought and famine. Joseph's brothers do not recognize him, he trys them to see if their hearts have changed. Simeon is put into prison. The other brothers return to fetch Benjamin and show him to Joseph.

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